Real Estate Lease

Cypress Real Estate

We cover the full suite of real estate, property services and management.

Our integrated services include experienced property professionals for all your consultancy requirements, portfolio data management, portfolio estate management, transaction management, property management together with lease renewals to ensure optimum terms for you, workplace strategy, facilities management, and our knowledge of the real estate market.

Our Corporate Real Estate services focus on aligning your real estate strategy that is both cost effective and in line with your business objectives.

We’ll manage any property acquisitions, renewals, or disposals, administer and report on your leases as well as monitor utilities on your behalf.

Our team can carry out feasibility and market studies to make sure you’re fully informed.

We can help you undertake lease negotiations, due diligence, and transaction management. If you need tenant advocacy or portfolio analysis services, we can handle it.

We’ve got experts working in corporate real estate who offer advice on sales and marketing as well as site acquisition and disposals. This allows your portfolio to work smarter while benefitting from consistent service delivery and reporting.

We offer Co-working serviced office suites and office spaces to entrepreneurs who want to run their business but do not want the additional cost of renting an office.

Our Valuation Services include Real estate appraisals, and equipment appraisals.

Our Development Advisory include Supporting Project and property developers in project management, market feasibility and demand analysis and assessing project revenues and operating costs. This also includes a comprehensive financial analysis to determine the ability and risks associated with the project, assessing capital requirements, creating the right financial package, and positioning the property to minimize risk and achieving an acceptable rate of return.