Requirements and Process for Loans

Corporate Application
Completed Application Form – Attached
Board Resolution.
Certificate of Incorporation.
Memorandum and Article of Association
Form Co2 – Statement of share capital and return of allotment.
Form Co7- Particulars of Persons who are Directors of the Company.
One year cash flow projection
Valid means of Identification of Directors/Signatory
Business Utility Bill.
Signatories Utility Bill.
Company Statement of Account for 12 months.
Two Personal Indemnitors forms (The Chairman and a director)
Two Indemnitors post-dated Cheques

Individual application
· Duly completed application form with a passport photograph attached.
· Photocopy of valid means of identification (Driver’s license, National Id card, etc.)
· Letter of employment/ Confirmation Letter and Company’s ID Card.
· Six months’ statement of account (Current account)
· Recent utility bill clearly showing residential address (not older than 2 months)
· One Indemnifier’s form duly completed with a passport photograph attached (The guarantor is to supply a single cheque covering the principal amount and the accrued interest on the loan).
· Indemnifier’s Valid means of Identity card, WORK ID CARD, and utility bill
· Duly signed post–dated cheque(s) to cover facility amount and interest spread over the agreed tenor. Every cheque issued “in favor of” CYPRESS LEASING AND INVESTMENTS Nig. LIMITED.