Asset Lease (Auto lease, Equipment lease, Consumer lease)

No, the vehicle will be registered in the name of the Company, Cypress Leasing & Investments Nig. Ltd till your lease tenure expires and all obligations met. After this, a change of ownership as well as the transfer of the asset will be done.

No, you may not, as this vehicle belongs to Cypress Leasing and Investments Nig. Ltd pending when all rental payments are made and all obligations fulfilled.

As long as your cash flow can accommodate another lease, your request will be processed.

All Cypress leased Assets have comprehensive insurance cover irrespective of the type of asset.

All lease rentals are collected via issuance of post-dated cheques by the lessee (customer/client)

This can be done via bank transfer and by informing us once payment has been made

Our Client Service Experience Team can be contacted Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Equipment Lease (FAQ)

When Cypress Finance Leasing Solutions receives a completed credit application, the decision is made within 24hours

Yes, clients are at liberty to choose their desired equipment from any of our accredited partners.

You will be issued an offer letter for execution after which disbursement is made once all conditions precedent are met.

While most leases provide regular monthly payments, payments may be made in advance, in arrears, or at irregular intervals. Terms range from 6 – 36 months and can be customised to suit your individual needs.

Consumer Lease (FAQ)

Not necessarily, as long as you have steady cash flow.

  • 1 Passport Photograph
  • A valid means of Identification
  • Letter of Employment/Confirmation Letter/Promotion Letter/Salary Review Letter
  • Bank Statement of account for the last six months
  • Proforma invoice 
  • Post-dated cheques for the number of months for lease facility
  • Recent Utility Bill
  • Duly Cypress Finance Lease Application Form

You can get household appliances like Air Conditioners, Freezer, Television Sets, Kitchen Utensils etc.

No, Client are required to pick an invoice from their preferred vendor.

The Initial contribution is 30% however, we can be flexible depending on the asset and
customer’s circumstance.

Would be considered upon completion of the credit review, the minimum tenor is 3months while the maximum is 18months depending on the facility required.

It is between 24-48hours once all documentations are in place

Sales and Leaseback (FAQ)

The main reason is cash flow. When your company needs working capital right away, a sale-leaseback arrangement lets you get both the cash you need to operate and the equipment you need to get work done.

Customers takes back ownership of the asset with no further obligation.

o Access to immediate cash
o The Asset is still available for your use.


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